Leeds Islamic Summer School

Leeds Islamic Summer School

What are your plans for your children this Summer?

  • Are you planning to take them on holidays?
  • Allowing them to waste their time on the streets
  • Or  will you give them the gift of Islamic education this Summer holidays?

Don't let your children waste their time this summer holidays.

Enrol in the Leeds Islamic Summer School and make them learn about their faith.

Leeds Islamic Summer School – introduction

It gives us a great pleasure to introduce Summer Islamic School in Leeds. The Leeds Islamic Summer School has been setup due to the immense need to provide high quality Islamic education to our youngsters. Parents have always expressed their concern that their children may be getting good Quranic education at their local Masjid or Madrasa. However, they are lacking in their Islamic education which should cover wide spectrum of Islamic teachings, including understanding the core beliefs of Islam, Characteristics of Holy Prophet, Five pillars of Islam, About halal and haram in Islam and Achieving good manners.

Summer School Holidays

Muslim children spend a good proportion of their time outside of Masjid and Madrasa. During school term times they do not get much opportunity to spend time in Islamic environment and further their Islamic learning. Therefore, school holidays, specially Summer holidays, presents a great opportunity to enrol in Islamic classes where they can learn more about Islam and put those teachings into practice.

Leeds Summer Islamic School

Taking the above into consideration, it has been decided to run an Islamic school during the Summer holidays. The Summer Islamic School will provide a great opportunity for the Muslim children to spend their Summer holidays in a secure and safe Islamic environment where they can learn more about their deen and faith.

We encourage all the parents to think seriously about what they want their children to do this Summer holidays. If you truly love your children and want them to spend their time constructively then please register them with the Summer Islamic School. If you think the Summer Islamic School is not easily accessible or you are unable to pay the course fees, you can still find local Islamic facilities for your children.

Contents of the Leeds Islamic Summer School

The children will get in-depth insight into the following topics:


Beliefs of Islam

Learn about the core beliefs of Islam.

Quran & Tajweed

Learn to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

Essentials of Islam

Learn the basic and essentials of Islamic way of life such as cleanliness, prayer and fasting.

The Blessed Life of Prophet Muhammad

Study the life and character of our beloved Prophet.

Course fees:

The total cost of the course for the full month is only £20 per child.

The fee for the course has been kept to a minimum to ensure that every parent is able to afford quality Islamic education for their children. The fee for the course is absolutely nothing compared to the fact that we as parents spend so much on their entertainment, such as buying them video games.

If we can buy them one video game for £40-50, we are sure paying £20 for a full month of study of your religion will not be hard on your pocket. May Allah Almighty make it easy for all of us.


You will have to register with the Leeds Islamic Summer School to attend this course. Please register quickly as the places are very limited. To register, please fill in the registration form and submit it to mail@qariqasim.com. Or you can post it to 64 Woodsley Road, Leeds, LS3 1DU.

Download the registration form.

Course details:

The course is suitable for boys and girls between the age of 7 – 16 years old.

29 July – 29 August 2012

Monday – Thursday

11.00 – 1.00pm


Woodsley Community Centre

64 Woodsley Road, Leeds, LS3 1DU, Tel: 0113 2442684


9 Responses to Leeds Islamic Summer School

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  3. Ayesha Hussein says:

    What age do you recommend children to be when taking part in this course? My children are aged 6 and 7 years old. Would this course be suitable for them?

    • Imam Qari Qasim says:

      Last year we had children from the age of 8 onwards and they were able to benefit fully from these classes.

      I think 6 & 7 are a bit young. Insha-allah they can participate next year.

  4. Nabilah says:

    Salaam WAlaikum Br
    Is the school open to girls as well as boys? What is the age range of students (youngest to oldest) accepted on the course. Will you stat with the very basics of reading the Quran as my children are only starting even though they are teenagers.

    • Imam Qari Qasim says:


      The youngest age we would recommend is 8 years old (although we have booked children below this age because their parents really wanted their children to attend classes instead of not doing anything)

      The classes are open to boys and girls. One male teacher will be teaching them both. We will have a divider between boys and girls.

      In the Summer School we will be teaching Islamic studies. The children will not learn how to read holy quran. Throughout the year, children get the time to go to mosques to learn holy quran but they dont get much chance for Islamic studies. Therefore, in the Summer School we will concentrate on the teachings of Islam, Insha-Allah.

  5. Sulaiman Ahmad says:

    Assalamu Alikum
    Are you planing this year 2013 for your summer islamic school?

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